Ambition.... pushing boundries

We think outside the box to find solutions

Approach.... goal-orientated

Technical installations are not our only aspiration. We focus on the total picture.

Team.... involved

We understand the client’s brief, the architect’s intentions and we will explore fellow designers methods.

Design.... we have an eye for detail

A well operating system requires an eye for detail.

Vision.... we are focused on the future

We don’t just look at the technical aspects, we strive to be a partner during the entire process.

Welcome at Boersema Installatie Adviseurs

Boersema Installatie Adviseurs is an independent consultant and engineering firm. We provide solutions and advise on safe and comfortable living environments and work climates in new (to be designed) as well as in existing buildings.
A good overall design of the technical installation in buildings is front of mind. Integral designing is our style, communication our strength.
The proces and tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM) provide us with that extra possibility for optimal coordination with all design partners.

Our expertise includes schools, residential buildings, nursing homes, pharmacists, offices, datacentres, commercial and industrial buildings.
The constraints of investment levels and the operational costs are always taken into consideration and so are aspects of sustainability and the environment.

Our activities include new or refurbished buildings as well as asset management of existing buildings. In each of these fields we search for the optimal integration of architectonic design, construction, installations, maintenance, design and use.
The realisation of a building or project is not the final goal, the utilisation is.


Boersema Installatie Adviseurs BV
Hogeweg 229c
3816 BS Amersfoort
+31 33 455 37