Core Values

Ambition: ground breaking

We are engineers. Where necessary we deviate from traditional routes and solutions. We don’t rest until we find the optimal design. Our research team works continuously on new innovative and technical solutions.

Vision: future-orientated

Buildings last for many years but have a lifelong expectancy. In the choice of materials and building methods, both cradle and grave needs to be kept in mind. Sustainability is a key consideration when making choices for raw materials and fossil fuels. We are part of a society.

We will design your project with these values in mind. We are happy to discuss the ins & outs of your demands and our approach. Call or email us to make an appointment.

Team: involved

The employees of Boersema Installatie Adviseurs care for each-others work which offers a solid foundation that allows each of us to get involved and care for our work and our clients. You can expect us to handle the demands of the client, to know what the architect is intending and to integrally find the best solution together with co-designers. We take our deadlines seriously.

Procedure: targeted

Our scope extends beyond installations, our scope of work begins at the usage of the building. We don’t limit ourselves asking questions but we clarify the intended utilization of the building and from there test the questions with our client. We maintain constant line of sight of the building budget and start the dialogue on the consequences to choose potential alternatives. 

Design: attention for detail

Technical services should be an integral part of the building. Designing installations is our specialism. With the architect we aim to co-deliver an integral building. Attention for details is essential. This also concerns the technical details. Efficient and flawless functioning of the technical installations results also from attention to details.


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